Art of Investing : Think like an investor NOT as a trader

Art of Investing : Think like an investor NOT as a trader

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I was thinking of writing this book for a long time. Basically this book will educate and empower people to take better financial decisions to manage finance well. I know how it feels to be a loser without money when everybody is giving you free advice, and how it feels like a "WINNER". Anyway everybody should have finance knowledge and should not be scared of investing, at last - what matters most is you master money or money masters you.
So, mastering money is the biggest problem people have right now and all issues revolve around it. You can do all the beautiful things with money, (how kindhearted you can be but without money your services will be limited to your physical presence).
Dear always remember: Warren Buffett rules on investing
Rule No.1: Never lose money.
Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.
If you believe in your investment and have done proper homework before purchasing, you will definitely end up with great profits and you will not be afraid of market falls...
There are total 11 chapters which explain us that how to control emotions, while investing in stock market, this book also focuses on building long term wealth and specifically how to identify stocks.
In this book, you will find examples from my own life and how I discovered my true passion.
People generally get fearful with short term up/down of stock market which should definitely be avoided.
In gratitude chapter, I have emphasized on power of sharing and what wonders, it can do.
I highly recommend to purchase this book and follow the advice, strategy I have mentioned.

  • Paperback: 156 pages
  • Publisher: White Falcon Self Publishing Platform; 1 edition (3 March 2016)
  • Author: Sanjay Gupta
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943851393
  • Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 14 x 0.9 cm

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