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Nathuram Godse - The Story of an Assassin

Nathuram Godse - The Story of an Assassin

  • ₹ 350.00

In the history of India we rarely come across the story of a person who died an untimely death, who's brother suffered a life of immense mental torture and a person whose family faced countless abuses and humiliations. What for? Yes, for no other cause than the love for his motherland. This person is Nathuram Vinayakrao Godse, India's most hated criminal. A person, who could not bear to see the partition of his country taking place before his own eyes, a person who could not see his fellow countrymen being butchered like slaughter cows. But does this gross act of injustice to the people of India and the callous disregard for the sentiments of millions of Indians justify Nathuram Godse's action? What inspired, Nathuram Godse to decide on January 12 that he must turn into a killer? What was Narayan Apte's, Vishnu Karkare's, Madanlal Pahwa's and Gopal Godse's role in the conspiracy? Was there an involvement of an outsider in the assassination of Gandhi? On whose instructions was Savarkar arrested and implicated in this crime? Could this murder have been prevented by the police? Was a very influential organization involved in this crime? How did Digambar Badge turn approver? There are many questions that raise eyebrows. Our children are taught in school that Gandhi was killed and not why Nathuram Godse killed him.

  • Paperback: 222 pages
  • Publisher: Self Published; 1 edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anup Sardesai
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943851096
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 0.8 x 21.6 cm

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