Workplace Politics (Missing The Bus Series Book No. 2)

Workplace Politics (Missing The Bus Series Book No. 2)

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Workplace Politics is a occupational hazard?can we avoid it? Rather should we avoid it ?

How to identify office infested with politics? What are the symptoms of a political workplace?

What aspects of office must be understood beforehand so that we can save a lot of energy, time and money by preventing avoidable mistakes?

How can we play the game of office politics like a pro?

What are the career transition points? How can we prepare for these critical phases in the career?

What precautions must be taken for us to walk tall in the minefield i.e. Workplace?

How can we build our complete career growth plan based on hard work, sincerity and team-work by surviving and thriving in the political workplace?


Neelesh is a serial entrepreneur with keen interest in the field of writing, career coaching and Information Technology. He has dabbled in Hospitality, Manufacturing and other few areas in the recent past after fruitful and eventful career of 17 years as a techno-commercial sales guy in Information Technology. He is a COEPian and has worked with industry leaders like Orange Business Services, WIPRO and HCL.

While taking care of our professional and personal responsibilities at workplace and in social set ups, we have to face politics everywhere. A lot of people cannot reach pinnacles of success they are capable of achieving because of their lack of interpersonal political skills and their indifference or ignorance towards workplace politics.

He is sharing his viewpoints and understanding in this regard which can certainly help a lot of people avoid wasting their precious time in making/correcting avoidable mistakes caused due to their unwillingness to acknowledge office politics and take necessary actions to safeguard ourselves. He will like to help people manage their workplace politics related issues and plan their career moves while giving due importance to workplace politics and by impressing upon the huge role politics can play in overall organizational and personal growth and success.

Let us Not Miss the Bus!

  • Paperback: 150 pages
  • Author: Neelesh M Kajale
  • ISBN-13: 9789352791828